MikeyPod 69 | The Peace Trail of No Return

I take a walk on the peace trail and talk about where I might go from here, the effect that working for a community rather than a paycheck has had on me, my perception of God and the disgusting things my roommate leaves in the fridge.

9 comments on “MikeyPod 69 | The Peace Trail of No Return

  1. I loved this show! More like this!

  2. Wanda Wisdom says:

    um… am i retarded? where are the cow photurds?

  3. mikeypod says:

    lair: great idea! do you feel a 100 word story coming on?

    wanda: it is I who is retarded, I didn’t put them up- yet! SOWWY! I will do it tonight!

  4. Wanda Wisdom says:

    no problem, mary! i loooooooved the last two shows. can’t wait to see the meat and sauce in wrapping photo! 🙂 love you!

  5. Dave Calderbank says:

    Liked the heavy breathing, very hot 😉

  6. mikeypod says:

    You should see how hard I am breating now with all these comments one day after posting a show. They like me! They REALLY like me!!

    Dave are you noticing the influence you have had on how I start my show??

  7. Dave Calderbank says:

    I did. when the show started i thought “what the hell is this!” It made me curious and keep listening so i think it works.

  8. geoffrey/pax says:

    great show! was a surreal experience listening to descriptions of a trail I helped set up, an walked many times, but not for a long time.

    living simply can be tough at first, but the longer you do it the more you realize the freedom it grants, and this freedom has led me to much happiness.

    your path is yours, and just as the peace trail was filled with potential perils so is the path of uncertainty, but most just turn out to be squirrels!

    trust your heart and go where it leads and it will always “still be the trail”…

    geoffrey in new orleans.

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