MikeyPod 70 | Forgiveness

Something a little different for this show. I talked about forgiveness, and recruited some friends to share their thoughts too. Jo from here at Koinonia, LiveJournal superstar Jameth, Brad, Muggs, and Laurence Simon join in for the fun. Also, peep my new artwork by John Ong.

6 comments on “MikeyPod 70 | Forgiveness

  1. First, I really liked your original logo art, but your new logo art is amazing! John’s talent is astounding.
    Secondly, anyone who heard about the incredible decision by the Amish community to forgive the criminal acts perpetrated on their children and felt something, felt true love. We are connected. When something so horrible happens and those who are victimized react from a place of love, do they fight, strike out, explode? No. They forgive. I wish more people would feel this level of love. Unfortunately, American media stifles genuine emotion.
    Thirdly, did you notice how long this story of forgiveness lasted in the mainstream media? That’s right! 1.2 seconds! Too few people heard about the Amish community’s reaction to the tragedy. Too bad.
    Fourthly, we must, must, must forgive ourselves. Is there a higher love?
    Best wishes to you, Michael.

  2. I’m going to post a link to this one as well as a retelling of the incident I had with a reporter that I’ve found it incredibly difficult to forgive, but I believe I have.

    The image of her face, twisted in ugly, stupid arrogance at that moment… it doesn’t fill me with blind fury and hate anymore.

    All things considered, it’s so much easier to forgive a corpse, though.

  3. Mike Hipp says:

    Thanks for the plug on your show today MikeyPod. We weren’t actually considering if Kionaoianoianoa was a cult or not, but the clut thing was a good segue to talking about you and I took it ’cause I’ve been working to get your name out there girl!

    The little speech at the start of your show about forgiveness was very touching.

  4. mikeypod says:

    john….hey! you got me thinking about doing forgiveness followup….god any audio you want to add/

    laurence: heading there now…

    mike: sorry about misquoting you! thanks for helping to get me some attention!

  5. Andy Melton says:

    Thanks Mikey 🙂 I really am appreciative of this episode.

  6. Hey Mikey! I listened to this rather late and was concerned about your attitude towards your rommmate. But I’m glad that I waited to comment until I heard your next podcast and that you resolved the issue.
    I was thinking that not everyone has the benefit of their parents teaching them how to clean and care for their home. This may have been his issue.
    Also. lately, I have been playing “devil’s advocate” and also thinking about being the other person. SO by the time I am done with that, I am no so angry and usually just give up the emotion all together.
    Hope life is good for you!

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