MikeyPod 73 | About the School of the Americas and Death Penalty Conference

This is going to be a big week in MikeyPod land. Thursday and Friday I will be attending Dialogue on the Death Penalty at Oglethorpe University with hopes of interviewing Sr. Helen Prejean. Bren and I will be staying at The Open Door Community Thursday night. This will be my first visit to a Catholic Worker House, another movement I am fascinated with.

The vigil and rally at the SOA is Saturday and Sunday, so I hope to have tons of audio from there as well. There will be about 200 people staying here this weekend as well, including the famous puppet activists, The Puppetistas. Bicyclemark was kind enough to contribute another Activism 101 for the occasion, too.

other important links:

David Rovics
Yeast Radio
Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Lisa Germano
my flickr pics

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4 comments on “MikeyPod 73 | About the School of the Americas and Death Penalty Conference

  1. Joe says:

    “Too Much Space” – Lisa Germano from her new CD “In the maybe world”.

    The rest of the show was great, too. 🙂

  2. You did have English Beat?


  3. Don’t you realize that you will keep getting shitty roommates until you learn how to deal with confrontation or just let it go. 😉

  4. Flyswatter says:

    Your show inspires me. I used to be an activist but kind of dropped out of it after having kids and all.

    I miss those days. Now that my youngest is old enough to participate I’ll start marching again.

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