Month: December 2006

going under the wave

Tomorrow morning I am going into the hospital to have this stone blasted. The procedure is at 12 PM central. It costs $11,900 which the hospital would have discounted to $7000.00 if I could have payed 1000.00 tomorrow. I can’t. Instead, Dr. Lapin (who is still a total bad ass) called it in as an emergency, so they have to let me have it done, but will be billing me the full price. I can call afterward and try to work out some kind of financial arrangement.

Anyway, Think of me tomorrow around noon.

Louie Louie!

I won the coveted Louie Award this week on Chris Doelle’s Riding With the Window Down!  I officially have the “greatest heart in podcasting!”  Lets see if it gets revoked once I break all those hearts in the Big Apple!



Seriously, Chris is a great guy and a podcasting powerhouse, it is really an honor to be recognized on his show.  THANKS CHRIS!

MikeyPod 77 | Habitat for Humanity Founder Millard Fuller


Yes right after I made that last post, the clouds parted and the upload began! The opening song is by Issa (formerly known as Jane Siberry). Here are her comments about the music.

Millard was great and so personable and an easy interview. This is just the first half of it, The second half will be up as soon as I can get it up. ahem. In the next podcast I will be giving away a signed copy of his book Building Materials for Life, Vol. II

More about Millard:

The Fuller Center for Housing
Habitat for Humanity

I give up

I got up early this morning so I could upload this podcast in hopes that it would go faster. The only thing worse than a feeble internet connection is sharing a feeble internet connection with seven other people. Well, it’s raining and that screws with the satellite dish so I will be lucky if I can post this blog entry. Let’s just say that MikeyPod will resume when I get out of the boonies. I am making myself crazy with trying to get this thing uploaded.

When I get to my mom’s house on Sunday, I will upload this show. Thanks for being patient, and happy whatever holiday it is you celebrate. 🙂

it’s on its way

One thing I will NOT miss here is the super crappy internet service. As I have mentioned before we are connected to the internet by a satellite connection…. it sucks so terribly bad, especially for the past couple of days.

I interviewed Millard yesterday and it was just great.  really really good.  I can’t wait to share it with you all.  Sadly, it is uploading at 1.6 KB/s….that is when it’s not stalled out.

I will get it up just as fast as I can, and will be in civilization again soon.

Thanks for your patience.

MikeyPod 76 | Penultimate Plantation Podcast (Primarily Podsafe)

This is my next to last podcast from Koinonia before I move to Brooklyn. I discovered that some music I really love is podsafe, and I didn’t even know it! David Castle recreates a reading from one of his morning devotions, and I am hyped about the upcoming interview with Millard Fuller. By the way, we rescheduled the interview for Wednesday, so it looks like that podcast will be up Thursday morning. I am still waiting for that nasty kidney stone to leave me. Say a little prayer, wouldja?


Barracuda-Miho Hatori

Throw-Scritti Politti

The Greatest-Cat Power


MikeyPod 75 | Fear is the polio of the soul

Topics discussed:

peeing blood
kidney stones
emergency health care with no insurance or money
Clarence Jordan
moving to brooklyn
Soy Candles by Phebes
I’m listed on!

In the Bleak Mid-Winter-Jane Siberry, Holly Cole, Victoria Williams, Mary Margaret O’Hara, and Rebecca Jenkins.

Time to Melt- dj krush from the podcast feed.

MikeyPod 74 | Day one of SOA Watch

YIKES! it has been a long time between shows. Here is most of what i recorded on day one of the SOA rally and vigil. Please be aware that the first song on this podcast is not suitable for sensitve listeners, try starting the show about 4 minutes into it.