going under the wave

Tomorrow morning I am going into the hospital to have this stone blasted. The procedure is at 12 PM central. It costs $11,900 which the hospital would have discounted to $7000.00 if I could have payed 1000.00 tomorrow. I can’t. Instead, Dr. Lapin (who is still a total bad ass) called it in as an emergency, so they have to let me have it done, but will be billing me the full price. I can call afterward and try to work out some kind of financial arrangement.

Anyway, Think of me tomorrow around noon.

3 comments on “going under the wave

  1. mikehipp says:

    Good lucky Mikey! It’s much better to pulverize it with sound that it is to pass it!

  2. David In Denver says:

    MikeyPod! Oh goodness, this is not a very welcome surpirse during this holiday time of year! Don’t fret too much or freak about the $$, that will eventually take care of itself. Right now just focus on getting better and recovering from your procedure.

    Mostly, I just want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your journey with me via your blog and podcasts over the past year. It has been such a pleasure to peek into your experiences during a particularly growing time for you.

    May 2007 find you in NYC with all sorts of new opportunites and experiences revealing themselves. All the best and most importantly, please take care of yourself!

  3. Jerry says:

    Sounds like you survived.

    I’m not encouraging ducking on medical bills, but… 50% of bankruptcies in this country are due to medical bills.

    It’s so bad that companies financing cars and/or houses have been known to ignore medical debt when checking credit.

    So it’s, you know, nothing to make yerself sick over…

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