MikeyPod 81 | podcasters need luv too

Intro by Chriso

Vote for Ex-Boyfriends to win band of the year at spin.com! DO IT! you can also find them at myspace.


The RPM Challenge. I have accepted a challenge to record an album of all original music by the end of February. Not THE album. AN album.

E.M.P.T.Y by The Clientele.

Okay the greatest thing about listening to this show after recording it is that I refer to the letter writer as both Daryl and Dean. WTF?? Sorry, Daryl.

Hug your friendly neighborhood podcaster.

Faking the Books by Lali Puna

Shouts to Liza at Copy, Right? for turning me on to them

4 comments on “MikeyPod 81 | podcasters need luv too

  1. Daaimah says:

    Hot Damn! You absolutely rock. I am working on the piece, it’s called the Cuban. Swear to Gawd! I love you MIkey and all the fabulous work that you do. It’s important. The universe is listening. I think. Anyway…more later.


  2. mikeypod says:

    Thanks Daaimah! I am looking forward to hearing your piece!

  3. Quit yer bitchin!

    We love you Mikey though we are slugs not to tell you often enough.

    I prefer when you just talk and play music. And I ended up buying 2 of the albums today.


  4. mikeypod says:

    cool! which albums did you buy?

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