MikeyPod 88 | The F*ck Show!

This show is not worksafe!

Ranting about the coffee shop

Customers are assholes

Fuck It- Bob Schneider

Dave Calderbank

Fucking Boyfriend- The Bird and the Bee buy it in iTunes

That Is Real Good Tech

Voicemail from Chris Doelle, Laura, Kentie, Zillafag, Kiko, and James in LA.

Unity Theater

Laurence Simon

Frances Newton

Invitation to sponsor episodes of MikeyPod in hopes of raising money for a new portable recorder.

Fuck Her Gently-Tenacious D


8 comments on “MikeyPod 88 | The F*ck Show!

  1. Andy Melton says:

    Go Mikey! Go Mikey! I’m glad you quit your job at the coffee shop. People are assholes at those places. I refuse to work at a place like that for that very reason. Glad things are happening for you honaye. 🙂

  2. doug says:

    Great show! You definitely didn’t “phone in” this one. Very cathartic, for you and for me. Keep up the great work, and congrats on quitting the job. I’m sure better things are to come!

  3. mikeypod says:

    thanks guys! maybe i should vent a little more often!

  4. Okay, I said it when you called for it.

    Was at work.

    Deskmerc then bitched me out for having two packs of Reece’s Pieces.

    As for the whole not being a dick over the wrong coffee, I rarely get mad when an order is wrong. In fact, I think of it as God telling me that I should have ordered something else. And it’s usually better than what I wanted in the first place.


    I can relate to the CS. I hate dealing with stupid customers. I rarely answer the phone and prefer to do all correspondance via email. Yes, you lose tone but you gain the time to relax and thinking about your answer without looking so retarded or irrational. I am not much of a people person.

    You are a people person but you are used to giving direction rather than taking it. Good luck getting another job.

    Regarding the fundraising. Hmmm…I remember sending in money months ago for a portable recorder. Did that money turn into “feed mikey fund” ? 😉

  6. mikeypod says:


    oh shit, you did…it was while i was at Koinonia, right? Consider it back in the pot! I am so bad about this shit.

  7. norman in san diego says:

    hi, mikey,

    i have never said “fuck” out loud in the office before. now i have.

    loved the first song, too. great show.


  8. mikeypod says:


    I love it! I am such a bad influence!

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