MikeyPod 98 | Sound-seeing Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood with Miss Heather

This is part one of my sound-seeing tour with Greenpoint’s Dog Shit Queen, Miss. Heather. newyorkshitty.com was the first blog I fell in love with when I moved to NYC, so I am so happy that she agreed to take me on this sound-seeing tour! it probably goes without saying, but just in case… this show is not work safe!

“This is the most disgusting pile of bum shit I have ever seen”

Photo courtesy of Miss Heather

I originally planned on editing all of this down to one show, but you guys always seem to love the longer sound-seeing tours, and I really couldn’t bear to cut any of this out. Part two will be up on Monday. Tomorrow I will talk with Mike Hipp about my decision to go vegan and then on Friday, if all goes well, I will be talking with Shane Claiborne from The Simple Way. (yay!) What a busy week! i guess that will make the Shane Claiborne show my 100th episode!

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2 comments on “MikeyPod 98 | Sound-seeing Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood with Miss Heather

  1. Someone who obsesses of cats and crap on their blog, and it’s not me?

    I guess every city has at least one of ’em.

  2. mikeypod says:

    Now I know why I immediately loved her!

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