MikeyPod 99 | Conversation with Shane Claiborne

Author and co-founder of The Simple Way Shane Claiborne joins me today on the podcast. Shane’s faith has carried him from leper colonies in Calcutta to Iraqi war zones. He lives his life in a way that shows us all that there is a different kind of Christianity brewing: one that practices what it preaches.

I wish the conversation Shane and I had could be shared between all people who are traditionally presumed to be “enemies.” I find it so important to continue this conversation and I sincerely hope that it spreads.

We Are All Lepers Here – Psalters
Amal – Psalters

Shane’s Books:
The Irresistable Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical)
Iraq Journal 2003


2 comments on “MikeyPod 99 | Conversation with Shane Claiborne

  1. John says:

    I think you’re buying into the idea that anyone criticizing the religious right is “anti-Christian” (their favorite whine).
    I get accused of being anti-Christian, but I have no problem with anybody wanting to be a Christian, worship, make it the center of their life, and so on. But in our society, it’s not enough to just respect someone’s right to have their religion; we’re expected to give religion a special role in which neither it, nor the actions of followers, can be criticized or debated like any other topic.
    I’m not a Christian because I think it’s a superstition. It has nothing to do with homophobia of some Christians (my church as a kid was utterly NOT bigoted) or anything like that. It’s just that I don’t think it’s reasonable to believe in a virgin-impregnating supernatural being, or to worship that being through ritual cannibalism each week.
    But in American society we’re all supposed to believe that faith is something special that makes people better. Well, there’s really no evidence of that; history’s full of people of faith behaving horribly, and people without faith doing good – and the reverse, of course.
    Personally, I think the problem with religion, including Christianity, is that once you use something that is non-rational as the basis for what you do, you can justify anything you want, and nobody can argue with it. True, the majority of religious people don’t do that, and often their faith makes them do good – and that’s a good thing. But ultimately I rely on reason and the observable world.
    And so I get called “anti-Christian.” I’m not, but I make a distinction between respecting the rights of all people to form their own beliefs – something I am passionate about – and respecting their actual beliefs – which, I’m sorry, nobody is required to do.
    Final point: yes, there are a lot of “eek! Christians!” people in the gay community, but actually, there are more who aren’t. It’s always amazing to me that the Houston gay pride parade has more floats from churches than anybody else – and everybody claps for them. I just don’t see the intense anti-Christianity you have talked about. I see intense opposition to those who use their Christianity to try to oppress gay people… but I think that’s appropriate.

  2. MAKENA says:

    Great episode and conversation between two guys doing their best to live the beauty in their hearts. Right on! Refreshing. First time hearing about Shane and The Simple Way. Thanks for this.

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