Month: July 2007

MikeyPod 98 | Sound-seeing Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood with Miss Heather

This is part one of my sound-seeing tour with Greenpoint’s Dog Shit Queen, Miss. Heather. was the first blog I fell in love with when I moved to NYC, so I am so happy that she agreed to take me on this sound-seeing tour! it probably goes without saying, but just in case… this show is not work safe!

“This is the most disgusting pile of bum shit I have ever seen”

Photo courtesy of Miss Heather

I originally planned on editing all of this down to one show, but you guys always seem to love the longer sound-seeing tours, and I really couldn’t bear to cut any of this out. Part two will be up on Monday. Tomorrow I will talk with Mike Hipp about my decision to go vegan and then on Friday, if all goes well, I will be talking with Shane Claiborne from The Simple Way. (yay!) What a busy week! i guess that will make the Shane Claiborne show my 100th episode!

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Sybarite on 4AD
Bed Stuy Blog


MikeyPod 97 | Fairy Caroland from New Hope House

I received an email from my friend Fairy Caroland this afternoon about the case of Troy Anthony Davis whose execution by the State of Georgia has been set for July 17, 2007 at 7:00. We were able to talk on the phone a bit for about the details of this case and also about her work at New Hope House in Griffin, GA. New Hope House is a Christian service community that maintains a guesthouse for family members visiting death-row prisoners.

Troy Anthony Davis

Amnesty International’s support for Troy

My Own Eyes- Mavis Staples

New Hope House
P.O. Box 1213
Griffin, GA 30224