Late Night / Early Morning

This morning at around 3:30 a siren came blasting down 6th avenue and woke me up. I laid there for maybe fourty-five minutes trying to go back to sleep, but also thinking of just getting up. Finally I decided to wander the streets in search of a twenty-four hour Starbucks. I headed out at about 4:30 i guess, thinking that one of the two Starbucks at Union Square would surely be open. Alas, not, but it was really a fun to trod around the city with everything so empty. Most of the people I saw seemed to be wrapping up their nights. There was a younger looking kid who asked me if I would sell him two cigarettes, but didn’t seem to believe that i didn’t smoke.

It reminds me of when I was younger and in that party lifestyle, a little self-centered in that I thought everyone else was doing the same things I was like smoking cigarettes and…er… huffing lighter fluid. It was strange when I would be out and about still on a weekday morning and see people in business clothes going to work. I remembered in those moments that there were people out there having real lives.

Strangely, I miss being so naive.