Month: February 2008

MikeyPod 119 | Vegan Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero’s Veganomicon cookboook has been this newbie/aspiring Vegan’s best friend since it hit my mailbox about a month ago. Isa Chandra Moskowiz was kind enough to take time out of her busy s’more eating to talk a bit about her philosophy and the inspiration behind what many consider the vegan Joy of Cooking.


photo by eight double
Post Punk Kitchen
Sweet & Sara
4 Course Vegan
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center

2080 – Yeasayer
Wot? No Meat! – Captain Sensible



MikeyPod118 | A Promise With A Catch

Lots of music, it’s all legal too. I really had a great time putting this playlist together, someone give me a radio show please. Thanks. It has almost become a game for me to put together a playlist that I am really happy with that contains only music that I have permission to play. Please note that only the Kristin Hersh and Dirty on Purpose tracks are Creative Commons licensed.

True Love Will Find you In The End – Mobius Band
With Every New Day – David & The Citizens
I Thought I Saw – His Name Is Alive
Colors Shifting – Christopher Willits
Cue – Cornelius
Evensong – Halou
Around Dusk – Kristin Hersh
Leaving – Dirty On Purpose
Spies – Crushed Stars
All My Love – American Music Club
Album Art: Secret Simon

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Creative Commons
Brooklyn Vegan


Sketch o’ the Day – The Impromptu Quintet


If you are wondering what this is all about, I tend to draw all over random things that get in my path and Mikeypod was gracious enough to let me commit blograffiti here this evening. In part to provide his album art for this month, although fashionably late, but more importantly it means I got to scribble all over his blog for a while. That was fun, although not the part where I thought I broke the internet by doing so. I’d totally do it again though. Thanks sir!

– Alden (aka Secret Simon)


There was a mistake on the podcast: the web address for Ian’s book is NOT .com

MikeyPod 117 | Author Ian Blake Newman on The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle

Author Ian Blake Newman discusses The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle and the impact it has had on his own health.

Click here for the book tour dates.

Countdown by Jupiter One courtesy of Ariel Publicity