Lots of music, it’s all legal too. I really had a great time putting this playlist together, someone give me a radio show please. Thanks. It has almost become a game for me to put together a playlist that I am really happy with that contains only music that I have permission to play. Please note that only the Kristin Hersh and Dirty on Purpose tracks are Creative Commons licensed.

True Love Will Find you In The End – Mobius Band
With Every New Day – David & The Citizens
I Thought I Saw – His Name Is Alive
Colors Shifting – Christopher Willits
Cue – Cornelius
Evensong – Halou
Around Dusk – Kristin Hersh
Leaving – Dirty On Purpose
Spies – Crushed Stars
All My Love – American Music Club
Album Art: Secret Simon

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4 thoughts on “MikeyPod118 | A Promise With A Catch

  1. mikeypod

    Thanks! I actually take the flow of these music shows really seriously, I spend an hour or more just figuring out the order. I love it though!

  2. Avatar
    Laura Ross

    Wow, this was fantastic. I listened to this in the car and felt so mellow I came home, put on the headphones and hit replay while I blissfully drifted off to sleep. This is one of the very few podcast episodes that anyone has ever made that I have listened to more than once.

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