MikeyPod 133 | Dancing On A Pinhead

Another grand mix to make your Monday brighter. I added time stamps to make it a little easier to skip around…not that you would want to miss a second!

(00:34) iamundernodisguise – school of seven bells
(05:42) kalypso – sweet billy pilgrim
(12:05) pieces cancelled (cancelled pieces remix)- steve jansen
(15:10) money for all (version) – nine horses
(22:17) drop – cornelius
(26:50) help i’m alive (twelves remix) – metric
(31:10) through the night (razormaid mix) – tanz waffen
(38:25) story of a thousand seasons past – the rentals
(41:34) take on me – a.c. newman
(45:09) new york – cat power
(47:43) on the parkway – fellow citizens


3 comments on “MikeyPod 133 | Dancing On A Pinhead

  1. laura says:

    omg, love love love the Take On Me cover. just bought it! how about a cover show MP??

    (btw, did you ever see the movie Once? highly recommended!)

  2. mikeypod says:

    Laura! Thanks so much for saying so!

    The covers show might be a bit of a challenge, considering the fact that it is already kind of a challenge to find good podsafe tunes…. I will start compiling a list!

  3. Shawno says:

    The Metric track sounded cool. Curious about their new album, though I guess if this one’s a remix, it probably won’t be on there. And that A-Ha cover was definitely a surprise.

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