MikeyPod 135 | The Things You Want To Hide…

Lots and lots of music in this episode, a t-shirt giveaway courtesy of eenie meenie records, the sad story of my hard drive disaster and how you can help using my Amazon wish list.

(00:06) Overture – The Unbending Trees
(05:03) Vermillion Plaza – Deastro
(08:50) 24.12 – B. Fleischmann
(12:25) One Fine Day – David Byrne & Brian Eno
(20:03) Slipstream – The Crystal Method
(25:11) Evrytm We Do It – Wallpaper.
(27:51) Rise – Chris & Cosey
(35:20) Crash Me Up –Telling on Trixie
(38:59) Everything Is Moving So Fast – Great Lake Swimmers
(43:14) The Strangers – St. Vincent
(48:31) You & I – Wendy & Lisa

Photo Credit:
Tractor-Crosby by flickr user Manky Maxblack

5 comments on “MikeyPod 135 | The Things You Want To Hide…

  1. epilonious says:

    Once again, a really fun mix of music that for some reason I really liked even though it is in no way the usual genre/style/collection that I usually peruse.

    Sorry your hard drive clashed, glad that you got to get most of the music back.

    And yay wallpaper!

  2. Greg Wise says:

    Mikey–you, your thoughts (even the random ones), and your music make me very happy.

    More Canadian artists! Love those…maybe more international artists? …surely they are doing cool stuff in Portugal or New Zealand, Bali, Belgium or Sweden…we know the Icelandic folk are!

    Gooooooooo Mikey!

  3. mikeypod says:

    Epilonious you got yo’self a t-shirt!

    Greg I played a band from the Philippines a few shows back….I will go on a search for some more international artists for sure!

  4. Shawno says:

    Your podcast kept me entertained during a long bus ride yesterday. Thanks!

  5. The Unbending Trees are Hungarian. 🙂 Is that international enough? 🙂

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