MikeyPod 147

Pete Cogle and I swapped hosting seats this week! He took over the reins for todays episode of MikeyPod, and I took a stab a hosting his PC Podcast. Pete podcasts from Lindfield in Sussex, England and we first met through our mutual membership in The Association of Music Podcasting. This project was great fun and I really hope you enjoy!

The Songs:
(00:39) Start Of The End Begins – Dead World Leaders (Sheffield, England)
(05:43) Love The World – Karoshi Bros (Newcastle, England)
(11:54) Volforganic Dub – Organic vs Volfoniq (Montpellier, France)
(20:04) Nie Ma Szans – Adapters (Rzeszow, Poland)
(24:44) Sni Bong – Dengue Fever (Los Angeles, California, USA)
(31:48) You, Me, Dancing! – Los Campesinos (Cardiff, Wales)
(39:39) Leave Us Alone – Blake (Brighton, England)
(45:15) Goldsoul – The Bavarian Druglords (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
(52:33) Selfish Cow / Selfish Cow (Version) – The Soap Company (South London, England)

Sites Mentioned:
PC Podcast
The Dub Zone
The Dub Step Zone
Association Of Music Podcasting

4 comments on “MikeyPod 147

  1. Pete Cogle says:

    Hi Mikey!

    I really enjoyed doing this show. I don’t think I’ve had all my podcast genres in one show before, and it was great fun to do.

    I loved your`takeover of my show. Great music!

    All the best


  2. Daaimah says:

    Hey Mikey,

    I think it’s so cool that you did some cross pollination. I didnt know how much I liked Dub and Dub Step. Now I’ve got to listen to you take over Pete’s show…I’m sure its going to be awesome.


  3. mikeypod says:

    Pete: It really was a pleasure! We must collaborate again!

    Daaimah: Thanks for listening! Yes pete has really fostered my love for Dub/Dub Step as well. YAY!

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