Month: April 2012

MikeyPod 160 | Vegan Author Sarah Kramer!

I’m so excited to co-host this episode with my friend and fellow vegan, Sarah Kramer. We had so much fun chatting about music and veganism and shared the infamous story of how we met. This show is a little longer than usual, but I couldn’t find a single second to cut out. Enjoy!

The songs:
Go Vegan – The Monkey Bunch
The Moon – Hill & The Sky Heroes
Summertime – Daddy’s Hands
I’ll Love You ‘Till My Veins Explode – Paper Cranes
In Your Room – M-Blanket
Icicle – Jane Wiedlin
Pissin’ In The Wind – Kathy Valentine
Avec Le Temps – Belinda Carlisle
Shiny Shiny – Haysi Fantayzee
I Eat Cannibals – Toto Coelo
Don’t Kill The Animals – Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich
Fragile Georgia – Anne Schaefer
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – Janice Whaley
Itsy Bitsy Spider – The Monkey Bunch

Where to find Sarah:
Sara’s Place
Go Vegan iPhone App

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MikeyPod 159

No guest this week, just lots of great music. I’m kinda thrilled with this playlist. I’d love to hear from you and if you want to check out what else I’m up to creatively, stop by my main site!

The songs:

I Am Really A Very Simple Person – Brim
Sick – Jenn Vix
Oblivion – Grimes
Young & Lovely – Jherek Bischoff
The Last Film (Hymn Version) – Kissing The Pink
Book Of Stories – The Drums
Ghost Of A Boy – Rae Spoon
Brugada – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Keep – Nils Frahm
I Will Watch The Sky Until The End Of My Time – Itsnotyouitsme
252 – Gem Club
Murmur – Gavin Castleton
My True Country – Paul Buchanan

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