MikeyPod 167 | Composer and Performer Eve Beglarian



Composer/performer, Eve Beglarian joins me today in an interview we recorded in her apartment in NYC. Eve is a massive inspiration to me and I so happy to have her as a guest again on the podcast. Lots of fun info about her self-propelled journey along the Mississippi River and the work that resulted.

The Songs:

In And Out Of the Game – Eve Beglarian
I Am Really A Very Simple Person – Brim

You can still get copies of her latest EPs here and here. Support the arts, yo!

3 comments on “MikeyPod 167 | Composer and Performer Eve Beglarian

  1. Shawn says:

    Great interview! I can’t imagine traveling like she did in a kayak. But I love the idea of it. It’s an entirely different way to experience not only the travel, but also the places.

    And I didn’t really notice much ambient noise during the interview recording. But if I had, it wouldn’t have been a problem to me. That kinda stuff just adds to the organic-ness of it all, which is cool.

  2. mikeypod says:

    Thanks, Shawn! Glad you liked the podcast (and the background noise!)

  3. So good to be able to listen to intelligent and thoughtful conversation about music and (in this episode) Eve’s projects without the time constraints of the 5 minute package.

    Fine work Michael – your engagement with Eve was audible!

    Eve’s musician perspective on travel is fascinating and insightful. Now I want to arrive into every city via the “old front door”, not just to see that route but to really hear it too.

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