Month: August 2015

MikeyPod 189 | Director Adam Fitzgerald



I saw Ken Urban‘s latest play Sense of an Ending and really wanted to spread the word here on the ol’ podcast so here you go: a conversation with director Adam Fitzgerald. He directed the show (and mine, I’m proud to say) and he is a great friend. Listen and then go get your tickets to the show!

Hægt, Kemur Ljósið – Ólafur Arnalds
Water From The Same Source – Rachel’s

MikeyPod 188 | Blogging Hiker Ann Karp


I’m so excited to welcome back my friend and former neighbor, Ann Karp. We were commune-mates at Koinonia Partners when I lived out there in Georgia. She is a painter, hiker, writer and all around awesome person who will be hiking the John Muir Trail and blogging (when she has internet access) about it on her blog, Sideways Gaze. I really love her writing so I was eager to remind you about her work. Enjoy!

Long Days – Sentator Jaiz
3rds,4ths and 5ths – Allison Cameron / Contact

I discovered that last track via the I Care If You Listen Summer 2015 mixtape, which you should definitely know about.  Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss next week’s conversation with Robin Fetter, The Real Vegan Housewife.




MikeyPod 187 | Distance Runner Scott Spitz


Photo by Robert Scheer

Competitive distance runner Scott Spitz joins me on the podcast this week to give me the scoop on his upcoming fundraiser in which he will run the entire length of Indiana. He will be running approximately 50 miles a day for one week and is aiming to raise $50,000 for Family Reach, a non-profit that financially assists cancer patients and their families during treatment.

So happy to share this conversation with you guys. Enjoy!

Contribute to Family Reach
Scott’s Blog
Scott on Instagram
Scott on Facebook
Strong Hearts Vegan Power

Over – Gus Gus
Chasing Horses – Sweet Billy Pilgrim

MikeyPod 186 | Singer Derek Nicoletto


Longtime listeners will remember Derek Nicoletto from his earlier appearance back in 2012 – an interview that remains among my favorites. I was really excited to talk to Derek again, this time about his new band Foam Ropes, which puts his solid songwriting in a fresh new framework.  Derek has a real gift for writing evocative lyrics and melodies. When coupled with his unique ability to communicate his artistic process, we have a really great interview that I’m so happy to share this with you guys! Enjoy!

Truth In Fables

All selections from Foam Rope’s self-titled debut album which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all fine digital shops.

Here’s my appearance on Big Fat Vegan Radio that I mentioned in the show. It’s the most detailed discussion of my new collaboration with Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. More to come!