MikeyPod 186 | Singer Derek Nicoletto


Longtime listeners will remember Derek Nicoletto from his earlier appearance back in 2012 – an interview that remains among my favorites. I was really excited to talk to Derek again, this time about his new band Foam Ropes, which puts his solid songwriting in a fresh new framework.  Derek has a real gift for writing evocative lyrics and melodies. When coupled with his unique ability to communicate his artistic process, we have a really great interview that I’m so happy to share this with you guys! Enjoy!

Truth In Fables

All selections from Foam Rope’s self-titled debut album which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all fine digital shops.

Here’s my appearance on Big Fat Vegan Radio that I mentioned in the show. It’s the most detailed discussion of my new collaboration with Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary. More to come!

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