On this week’s podcast, I interview composer/producer/drummer Ryan Rumery about his latest album, Riverside. We chat a bunch about our mutual love for Ableton Live music production software, and the process of creating work.

I’ve still got some ello shirts to give away, listen to the podcast for details on that.

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The Piano Interlude

All tracks are from Ryan’s latest album Riverside, which you should purchase here on his Bandcamp page. You can also find Ryan on his website, Soundcloud, and Twitter.

I mentioned Drip a couple times on the podcast, check that out here, and let me know if you’d like a free month.

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    Hello Mikey, I liked your podcast with Ryan and wanted you to know it was a meaningful discussion to listen to. I think Ryan’s work process is particularly interesting and it was still a great, timeless discussion. Thank you for hosting him and sharing his music with us.

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