MikeyPod 217 | Filmmaker, Comedian, and Vine Star Jason Nash

When I got obsessed with watching Vine videos a few years ago, Jason Nash was one of the first people I started to follow. There are a ton of brilliant creators on Vine, each crafting great stories in these little 6 second looping videos. Jason’s humor and self-awareness about being an old guy famous on an app populated largely by millennials was especially appealing to this old guy who was fascinated with an app populated largely by millennials.

I was excited to have the chance to talk to Jason about his new feature film, FML, along with his experience working with MTV, Saturday Night Live, and Comedy Central. We also talked about bit about where his social media world is headed now that Vine has announced its plans to shut down.

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Sticky Jazz – Shriekback
Partita for 8 Voices Part 1: Allemande – Roomful of Teeth

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