MikeyPod 219 | Modern Troubadour Nate Maingard

I am so excited about this new connection I have with South African musician Nate Maingard. I came across him sort of peripherally via this video from Patreon, and then we had a mini-conversation in the comments of a Patreon post which then led me to his Patreon page where I fell in love with his work and his great spirit. Nate has been playing guitar, writing songs and appearing on stage since 1998 and has been playing as a professional musician since the beginning of 2011. Nate was awarded a South African National Arts Festival Ovation Award and has played many of South Africa‚Äôs festivals.

Nate and I got into a great conversation about creating art and exchanging with our audiences that was incredibly timely for me. I think this is a great conversation for creators and audience members alike. Definitely check this one out, and share! This is a perfect time to become a patron of Nate’s, he is working on a new EP and planting TREES! Support his work here.

It’s The Little Things – Nate Maingard
Slow It Down – Nate Maingard

Find Nate on PatreonTwitter, Facebook, Instagram and pretty much anywhere else as @natemaingard

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3 comments on “MikeyPod 219 | Modern Troubadour Nate Maingard

  1. Sunshine says:

    Oh wow!!!!! This is totally what I needed to hear right now! This is the first podcast I’ve heard and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the best I’ll ever hear again. Thank you so much for this! Awesome!

    1. Michael says:

      So glad you liked it, Sunshine!! This conversation got me going too!

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