MikeyPod 232 | Musician Walker Lukens

Walker Lukens is an Austin-based musician who Free Press Houston called “one of the best songwriters in Texas.” Walker has long inspired me with his commitment and perseverance as an indie musician. He just released a new EP and it, like all of his music, is simply fantastic. I’ve been wanting to bring him onto the podcast again, and this new release gave me just the excuse I needed to both talk with him about his new music and get a little pep talk about my upcoming tour. Enjoy!

Where is Thunder Road – Walker Lukens
Simple Man – Walker Lukens

Visit Walker’s website and follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Twitter. Please support the artist by purchasing his EP on iTunes or the retailer of your choice.

Here’s my remix of Walker’s “Lover.”
Here’s his Sofar Sounds video I was so excited about.
Here’s his previous appearance on this here podcast.
I mentioned my friend the nomadic t-shirt seller, but didn’t mention his name. It’s Andy Tabar at Compassion Co.
I also failed to mention that my friend Kristin Lajeunesse can be found at Will Travel for Vegan Food. Here’s her appearance on MikeyPod.

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I’ll see you next week!


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4 comments on “MikeyPod 232 | Musician Walker Lukens

  1. Shawn says:

    Welcome to Blubrry media hosting! Glad to have you aboard. 🙂

    One thing I’ve never done as a musician is tour. I’ve always wanted to. I’m excited to hear more about your upcoming tour plans.

    I got that same e-mail from DreamHost and in my correspondence with them, I’m beginning to think they’re running a little bit of a scam on shared-hosting customers. It makes me sad to state that because I’ve always been happy with them, and happy to recommend them. I’m seriously considering alternative options now.

    1. Michael says:

      yes! It felt a little scammy to me as well, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable being their affiliate. On the flip side though, it was the fact that my podcast files were also hosted there that was slowing down my site, so it was info I needed to know, and it’s what finally got me to move those files to blubrry!

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