MikeyPod 243 | Center for Animal Protection and Education Co-Founder JP Novic

I stayed for several days this summer with JP Novic at the Center for Animal Protection and Education and really just had a glorious time.  She put me up in a tiny cabin on the property and so kindly brought me coffee and breakfast every morning before we went to work with the animals.

I’m so happy to have JP on the podcast this week to talk about the myriad of things that CAPE does to help animals, and her positivity and hope are just fantastic to share.

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About CAPE: 
​The Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE) works to save the lives of individual animals and to educate people about ways in which they can change their own lives to alleviate animal suffering.

CAPE was founded in 1992 by JP Novic and Shelley Frost along with a group of caring individuals with a wide variety of professional experience in animal welfare and protection. Over the years, CAPE has helped thousands of animals. CAPE’s Foster Care Program provides a safe place for rescued animals who are older, injured or recovering from an illness. These animals are placed into new, loving homes through CAPE’s Adoption Programs.

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