MikeyPod 246 | Activist Musician Jason Oliver

New year, new focus!  Starting with this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m narrowing the focus of my guests to artists and creators who make work about their activism, and I couldn’t think of a better guest to start with than Jason Oliver. Jason is a singer-songwriter who is also extremely active in open rescue of animals with Direct Action Everywhere. Though his activist work takes him to some of the most hellish places on earth, his music and spirit seem imbued with a lightness and hope that is irresistible. I hope you love this interview as much as I did, and please be sure to support Jason’s work by buying his album here

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Rescue You
Animals, Oh Animals

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Buy Jason’s album here.


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4 comments on “MikeyPod 246 | Activist Musician Jason Oliver

  1. Colleen says:

    This was an awesome interview! Perfect amount of activism talk and how music brings new ears to some and healing to us activists.

    1. Michael says:

      Colleen! Thanks so much for listening and especially for commenting! I love hearing from folks!

  2. Vicki Pellegrini says:

    Thankyou guys for sharing and exposing the truth!
    Love your music
    Music is the best way to get dialogue happening.

    1. Michael says:

      So grateful to you for listening!!! <3

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