MikeyPod 255 | Painter Jane O’Hara

I sometimes feel a bit insecure talking with visual artists. I know so little about that world, so I fear I won’t have the knowledge or even basic vocabulary to carry on a worthwhile conversation. Enter painter Jane O’Hara, whose charming approachability is matched only by her fascinating path as an artist who makes works about animals. She was an absolute treasure on this week’s podcast.

Jane and I talked about her history as an artist, some of the recurring metaphors in her work, and about how her work taught her about her own beliefs and inspired big changes in how she lives her life.

At the top of the show, I (sleepily) recap my second week with Mark Wood and Jamie Robinson‘s 30 Days to Wellness, and talk a bit about the upcoming Plant-Powered Vegan Food Fest in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Do accept my apology for the low energy intro! It was a long weekend, BUT this marks the seventh week in a row that I’ve been back on the weekly podcast grind!  So glad I got it together and recorded this thing!

Also in the land of amazing news to report: the fine folks at A Well Fed World have awarded me a grant to support my work this year! This is going to make a huge impact on my work on The Animal Album and The Animal Book! I am so grateful for them!

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Place in the Pines – The Anna/Kate Band
Just Like Us – Daniel Redwood

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