MikeyPod 258 | Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary Founders Gabrielle Stubbert and Peter Nussbaum

It’s hard to believe that after a year as artist in residence at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary, I am just getting around to having its founders, Gabrielle Stubbert and Peter Nussbaum, on the podcast. During my time and the farm, Peter and Gabrielle became two of my best friends. I love and believe in what they are doing at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary so much, it’s really an honor to have them on the podcast at last. We talk about the history of the farm, the challenges of caring for so many animals, and their path toward dedicating their lives so fully to animals.

At the top of the show, I’ve got some updates on my new album and book project. The book is nearly finished, and I would LOVE to have your name in it. Anyone who becomes a Patreon member at $1 (or more!) will be thanked in the book itself! This just has to happen before April 30th! Check it all out here and let me know if you have any other question!

I’m also excited to report that I have joined the Pride48 network of LGBTQ podcasters. These folks are outstanding people and you should totally check out their site for other queer podcast.

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Moon Tomb – Vinegar Mother
Circles – Allegra Krieger

**Please excuse the extra noise during the interview with Peter and Gabrielle. My recorder was picking up some interference that I didn’t notice until it was too late!**


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