Month: August 2019

MikeyPod 277 | Artivist Styngvi

I first learned about Styngvi through my gurl Honey LaBronx. Styngvi is an Icelandic artist who uses his talents to inspire and educate others. His designs are simple, and yet powerfully engaging. I’ve been really inspired by the sheer volume of his work and the way he spreads the word about animals and the environment in such an accessible way. I know you’ll love this interview!

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MikeyPod Trailer

I’m Michael Harren. I’m a composer, pianist, electronic musician, storyteller and activist based in New York City. I’m the host of the MikeyPod podcast, known for finding and showcasing talented, yet to be discovered artists and creators. Every Monday I interview a new guest and explore their inspiring  stories of the courage, passion, and struggles they’ve faced while bringing their visions to life.

Since the podcast started in 2005, I’ve talked to countless musicians, performers, filmmakers, animators, authors, and activist. I’ve documented my times as a touring artists, as well as my various activist adventures and even my time living on a commune in rural georgia.

Expect a new 30-40 minute episode every Monday, I invite you to pour a warm drink, grab a notebook (in case inspiration strikes!), curl up with your favorite blanket or four-legged family member, and prepare to be moved by conversations about how artists use their creativity to quite literally change the world.

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