MikeyPod 280 | Musician and YouTuber Jon Tedd

I first encountered Jon Tedd about 11 years ago when I went vegan and discovered him as the face of The Vegan Zombie YouTube channel. Their videos went a long way toward helping me to discove what I would be eating as a brand new vegan. A lot has changed for him since then, including the fact that he has co-founded Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Jon and I talk about his history with the Vegan Zombie, the new Sanctuary, and his new YouTube channel, Vegan Homestead. We dove deep into these topics as well as some thoughts about mental health, and how to navigate being an animal advocate in a non-vegan world.

Be sure to check out Mockingbird Farm Animal Sanctuary and Jon Tedd’s YouTube channel. If you want to hear more from John Tedd, check out the bonus podcast this Wednesday on Patreon.

If you’d like to know more about The Vegan Zombie, check out my interview with Chris Cooney!

Off the Island – Highland Funeral
We Didn’t Know – Highland Funeral

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