MikeyPod 290 | T.O.F.U. Magazine’s Ryan Patey

I met Ryan Patey some 10 years ago in the East Village where he was distributing free copies of his magazine, T.O.F.U. Since then we have remained in touch and had many moments of connection and inspiration as independent creators of stuff. His most recent release is his e-book, This Job is Sh?t or How I Became A Full-Time House Sitter to Travel the World. We dig into his experience in Vietnam with the current pandemic, and his recent tour of a quarantine facility.

I spend a little time at the beginning of the show checking in about my experience here in NYC with the pandemic, and how I am trying to cope with these massive changes in the world. Holy crap. Scary times. Let me hear from you if you need to reach out to someone.

No Excuse (the Animal Rights Anthem) – Izzy
Italians are singing from their windows – Sabrina Chap

Ryan is offering the entire catalog of T.O.F.U. Magazine as a single download for whatever price you want. Get it here. Buy a copy of his book here.

This podcast is powered by my subscribers on Patreon who, in addition to the warm feeling they get from co-creating with me, get lots of sweet perks including bonus podcast episodes. This week’s bonus podcast will be an additional conversation with Ryan from the archive. Learn more right here!

If you’d like to check out my other work, order The Animal Book directly from me here and get a free download of the album!
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