Kelli Dunham

Everyone’s favorite ex-nun genderqueer cat-loving nerd nurse comic Kelli Dunham joins me on this episode of the podcast. We talk about her unique blend of stand-up comedy with storytelling, grief, and her album, Not The Gym Teacher which is available wherever you stream or purchase music.

In other news, the world is still a bit of a shit show, but we’re all adapting, right? I hope so. I’ve been creating some rituals in my life to make quarantine feel a little less quarantine-y. I’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re not feeling so hot. This is a really challenging time.

Trampoline – Human Natural (Spotify, Insta)
The Empty Sky – Ryan Rumery (check out my interview with Ryan on MikeyPod 198)

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2 thoughts on “MikeyPod 291 | Comedian Kelli Dunham

  1. Shawn

    Who wants polished NPR-style podcasts? No thanks. Keep it up with the writing and meditation. I need to start doing those things, too. Good interview.

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