MikeyPod 293 | Artist Jaklin Romine

I met Jaklin Romine at the Booklyn AB/Z Fair where we were both showing our work. I loved the zines she was showing there, and was completely intrigued when she told me about her performance work and how she uses it to confront inaccessible art spaces in Los Angeles by documenting her body sitting outside for an entire art opening or closing. I knew she would be a perfect guest for the podcast, and was so happy to get this interview booked!

Today I also want to direct your attention to Omowale Adewale and Black Veg Fest. They have created a document called 7 Points of Allyship for the White Vegan Community in Defense of Black Lives. I think this is an extremely important document to check out, fellow white people, even if you are not yet vegan. I signed the document which signed me up for follow up emails with action steps to take. I have a tremendous amount of work to do with my work toward being anti-racist, and this has really helped me find some direction.

No Summer – Doctor God
New Life – Michael Harren

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2 comments on “MikeyPod 293 | Artist Jaklin Romine

  1. Shawn says:

    Great interview! As a low-vision person, I can’t entirely relate to Jaklin’s experience but I know all about accessibility issues related to vision. Definitely gonna check out Jaklin’s work.

    1. Michael says:

      Ahhhh thanks for checking it out as always. I hope you are staying safe and healthy!

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