MikeyPod 294 | Composer/Performer Molly Joyce

I saw Molly Joyce perform her music back in 2017 in an art gallery in the Lower East Side and I have been following her work ever since. Her choice of instrument (a toy chord organ from the 1970s) is intriguing, but that is only a part of what her work is about. Molly’s latest album, Breaking and Entering, is a highly personal album through which she explores disability as a creative source.

It was an absolute delight talking with Molly about her ever-evolving understanding of disability and how her own physical difference informs her path as a musician and composer. We also talked about the cultural model of disability which is a huge topic I plan to investigate further. Enough already! Give it a listen yourself!

Form and Flee – Molly Joyce
Who Are You – Molly Joyce
Both selections from the New Amsterdam Records release, Breaking and Entering, available on Bandcamp and streaming on all the places.

Follow Molly Joyce on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo by Sarah Midkiff

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