MikeyPod 300 | A Look Back

On the occasion of this, the 300th episode of MikeyPod, I thought I would go back to my roots of 15 years in podcasting and just turn on the mic and start talking. That’s how we did it in those days, and if you have been listening to this podcast since it started in 2005. . . you know. So, this episode is a reflection on the last 15 years of making this podcast with some visits from long time listeners and past guests I know you’ll love!

Thank you so much John Whiteside, Shawn Thorpe, Honey LaBronx, Lee Hall, and Senator Jaiz for your contributions to this episode and through the years! Thanks to John Ong for this, the original MikeyPod artwork and be sure to check out The Black Math Experiment streaming everywhere. Oh, and read about the David Arquette documentary named after their song here. So many other people have been a part of this podcast happening through the years it’s impossible to name you all.

Truly, if you listen to this podcast, or take an interest in any of the other work that I do, I am so grateful. Thank you!

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