MikeyPod 303 | Broadway for Biden Founder Halle Morse

Among Halle Morse’s vast list of credits is her role as founder and CEO of Broadway for Biden, an inclusive community of industry professionals and theater enthusiasts united to elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. She filled me in on the great work that Broadway for Biden is accomplishing, and we chatted about the dual roles she plays in her life as business person and artist. I especially loved our discussion about how all artists have the capacity to embody both of these roles as well. You’re going to love this conversation!

At the top of the show I give the scoop about some rescue work I did over the weekend with the Alliance to Ban Chickens as Kaporos. I didn’t know it yet when I recorded the intro, but 510 chickens were saved from this ritual animal sacrifice that took place last week. More funds are needed for their care and placement. You can donate here if you are so moved.

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Even more ways to get involved, including latest phone banking info can be found here.

Kaporos – Michael Harren

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