MikeyPod 324 | Writer and Performer Anna LaMadrid

Anna LaMadrid‘s solo performance The Oxy Complex opens online this week at IAMA Theater Company and she joined me this week to talk about her process with creating the show, how it was inspired by life in quarantine, and what it’s like to exist in the dual roles of writer and actor. Ms. LaMadrid also filled me in on her wildly popular coaching hub for actors, Put Me On Self Tape.

Anna LaMadrid studied with acclaimed Meisner teacher, Maggie Flanigan in NYC. She received her MFA from the University of Washington where she TA’d for undergrad acting students and discovered her love of coaching.  Born in Venezuela and raised between New Jersey and North Carolina–she spent most of her adolescent life saying things like “Y’all want some cawfee?”

A Venezuelan born, East Coast-bred actor living in Los Angeles, LaMadrid starred as sardonic, gum-snapping “Jamie” in the critically acclaimed IAMA production of Bess Wohl’s American Hero (“boundlessly funny” — Los Angeles Times). She won a Stage Raw Award for Female Comedy Performance for her take on Betty 3 in Collective Rage: A Play in 5 Boops at Boston Court. Her TV credits include Vida on Starz (recurring); Love, Victor on Hulu; Bless This Mess and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC; and she was selected to participate in the ABC Discovers Showcase. In 2016, she launched Put Me On Self-Tape, a self-tape and audition coaching studio in L.A.  

Get tickets for The Oxy Complex here.

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Photo of Ana LaMadrid by Jackson Davis.

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