MikeyPod 181 | Chanteuse Raquel Cion


Photo of Raquel Cion by Carrie Jordan

Performer Raquel Cion is my guest today on the podcast. Hailed by the New York Times as “half witch and half cabaret performer,” Raquel is performing her latest work, Me & Mr. Jones: My Intimate Relationship With David Bowie at the Treehouse Theater in NYC this Monday June 29.  As of this writing, the show is SOLD OUT!

If You’re Waiting For That Kiss (You’ll Be Waiting For The Rest Of Your Life) – Microfilm
he Opposite of Love – Corey Dargel

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Ability Shirts is a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with “unique abilities.” Adam Farris, Director of Ability Shirts, prefers to use the term to categorize those who are considered to have disabilities.

Ability Shirts sells awareness products—some of which are handmade or made by individuals with unique abilities. 

Adam’s unique abilities give him the perspective to lead a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those who share them. Adam hopes to have a retail storefront in the future to sell more awareness products, and to hire other talented young men and women with unique abilities.


MikeyPod 180 | Artist Scott Teplin


I met Scott Teplin pretty soon after I moved to Brooklyn and quickly became a fan of his artwork. I’m really fascinated and inspired by his use of crowdfunding and his most recent Kickstarter brought in well above his goal: $26,417.00! A chat we had recently in our local coffeeshop, Steeplechase,  inspired me to invite him to be on the podcast,  and it turned out to be a really great show.  Check out Scott’s résumé here. It’s pretty impressive and I didn’t do such a great job with his intro on the show. Saying stuff is hard.


Everynight – Walker Lukens
Burglar – The Wheel Workers

Scott Teplin's "Big Hospital"

Scott Teplin’s “Big Hospital” (Click the photo to make it bigger!)

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MikeyPod 179 | Author Isaac Oliver


I had a great time chatting with author Isaac Oliver about Intimacy Idiot, his debut collection of essays which is already scoring kick-ass reviews. Also on this show, a track from my new remix album and music from CACAW.

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When Will It Bloom (Known Space Remix) – Michael Harren
Replicant Lover – CACAW

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MikeyPod 178 | Author Victoria Moran

hi res headshot

I’m thrilled to have Victoria Moran on the podcast this week! Victoria is the bestselling author of twelve books, including her latest, The Good Karma Diet: Eat Gently, Feel Amazing, Age in Slow Motion. I’ve always known her to be a beacon of positivity and kindness so I am delighted to be able to share this conversation with you!

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Joy – Howard Jones
All We Have – Colonies

MikeyPod 177 | Comedienne Tranna Wintour


Comedienne Tranna Wintour joins me on the podcast today and we chat about her one woman show Trantasy which opens next week at Montreal Fringe. Though I’ve been aquatinted with Tranna for quite some time, this was our first chance to really chat. Enjoy!

In other news, I am getting this podcast going for real again. Look for episodes every week. Next week’s guest will be author and vegan goddess, Victoria Moran.

Just Above Midtown – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Folle – Fort Romeau

MikeyPod 176 | Author T. Cooper

Author T. Cooper is my guest on the podcast today. We talk about his latest book, Changers, and its accompanying website. T. is really fun to talk to and I’m thrilled to share this interview with you. Enjoy!

Some links:
T.’s website
We Are Changers on Facebook

Featured music:
Swayed – Kiasmos
Love is Gone – Oxford & Co.

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MikeyPod 175 | Writer and Performer Steven Strafford

My pal Steven Strafford is my guest today, we talk about his show Methtacular! Which is currently running at Chicago’s Theater Wit to spectacular reviews.  Click here for tickets, dates and further details about the show.

On Twitter:

Invocation – Michael Harren
Waiting For Gilligan – Vance Gilbert

I mentioned my Inner Tribe in the intro and gave the wrong web address, you can check it out here.

MikeyPod 174 | Musician Jeremy Bass


Songwriter and poet Jeremy Bass is my guest on this episode of the ol’ podcast. As I post this I realize it’s a touch out of date, but the timing is perfect to tell you about Jeremy’s new Kickstarter project to raise money for a pair of EPs he will be working on soon. Links to everything can be found below. Thanks for listening!

Jeremy’s Website
Jeremy’s Kickstarter
The Secret City

In the realm of my solo work, you can read more on my website and keep and eye out for my new single “Invocation” out August 26th and the new album will be out on October 14th with a release show and party at Dixon Place here in NYC.  Mark your calendars! I’d love to see you there!