MikeyPod 310 | Author and Publisher Eric Obenauf

Eric Obenauf

Like many of us, Eric Obenauf found himself weighing his options after the 2016 election here in the United States. Was it time to leave the country, or was it more important to stay and create the type of community he believed in? He and his wife Eliza settled on the latter and the result was Two Dollar Radio Headquarters in Columbus, OH, an indie bookstore and vegan cafe that serves as the perfect extension of Two Dollar Radio, their acclaimed family-run book publisher.

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MikeyPod 309 | Theater, Film, and TV Producer Marie Cisco

Marie Cisco

I had such a great time chatting with theater, film, and television producer Marie Cisco on this week’s podcast. In addition to her incredible creative output, Marie is the originator of a public Google document entitled “Theaters Not Speaking Out,” a remarkably thorough list of theaters who did not speak out against injustices toward black people after the murder of George Floyd. We talked a great deal about the importance of this document, her forthcoming Black Joy Project, the evolution of creativity during COVID-19, and even chat a bit about Goddess Kali.

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MikeyPod 308 | Podcaster and Video Producer Maneetpaul Singh

Maneetpaul SIngh

In what might be the most unique path toward inviting a guest to be on the podcast, I first ran across Maneetpaul Singh‘s tech YouTube channel while I was researching a new office chair at the beginning of the pandemic. His review convinced me of my new chair (Autonomous Ergo Chair 2, if you’re curious) and to subscribe to his channel. When I heard about his new podcast, The Sikh Influence, and its mission to highlight Sikhs from around the world who are doing what they love, I knew he’d be a perfect guest for the show!

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MikeyPod 307 | Musician Sabrina Chap

Sabrina Chap

Sabrina Chap‘s brilliant new album,  Postcards from the Rearview Mirror, is a coming-of-age radio musical. Weaving prophetic monologues, theatrical soundscapes, and 10 songs, it tells the story of two queer teens who escape the violence of their homes for the bright lights of Hollywood. I sat down with Sabrina to talk about her process, her passion, and how she used an unfamiliar instrument to access a different songwriting style. I had an absolute blast with this conversation!

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