MikeyPod 306 | Activist Musician Kiirstin Marilyn

Kiirstin Marilyn has a new album coming out, There Are No Cats in America, and I couldn’t wait to have her back on the podcast to talk about it! She fills us in on the new album, and we got really deep into the idea that there is always something we can do as individuals to make the world a better place, even when it feels like the world is falling apart. This was a really fun interview that went some places I wasn’t expecting!

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MikeyPod 305 | Podcaster Aseloka Smith

Aseloka Smith

Aseloka Smith and I crossed paths at a virtual meeting of the NYC Podcast Meetup, where I learned about her absolutely gorgeous podcast, The Colored Girl Beautiful, a narrative podcast exploring the beautiful juxtapositions of black womanhood. I was fascinated by Aseloka’s unique narrative style, so I was really excited to discuss her process on the show. We cover everything from the very first seed of her idea, through its development in the Google Podcast Creator Program, all the way through publishing and beyond!

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MikeyPod 304 Bonus | Extended Interview with Soul Eubanks

Soul Eubanks

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This bonus conversation with Soul Eubanks was so vital that I decided to make it available everywhere instead of just to subscribers. Soul’s perspective on how issues of race inform his animal rights activism stopped me in my tracks. So good. I know you will love this conversation!

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MikeyPod 304 | Creator and Animal Advocate Soul Eubanks

Soul Eubanks

I knew I would relate to this week’s guest Soul Eubanks when I came across his social media accounts and invited him to be on the show. After all, he’s an artist who uses many different mediums to communicate his passion for veganism. I love the way he talks about how he creates work for the love of creating it, as that’s an an energy I would love to more fully embody with my own work. We went into the journey that led him to animal advocacy and so much more!

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MikeyPod 303 | Broadway for Biden Founder Halle Morse

Halle Morse

Among Halle Morse’s vast list of credits is her role as founder and CEO of Broadway for Biden, an inclusive community of industry professionals and theater enthusiasts united to elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. She filled me in on the great work that Broadway for Biden is accomplishing, and we chatted about the dual roles she plays in her life as business person and artist. I especially loved our discussion about how all artists have the capacity to embody both of these roles as well. You’re going to love this conversation!

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