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MikeyPod 136 | Death By Soymilk!

Feeling happy with this mix, which includes a strange lineage of artists stemming from my twitter connection with Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s Tim Elsenburg. Sweet Billy Pilgrim begat Uniform Motion begat Anois… at least that’s the order in which I discovered them all.

By the way, I am still doing the show without access to my music collection thanks to my dead external hard drive. If you’d like to buy me one, stop by my amazon wishlist to find out how! Did I mention my 40th birthday is in just over a week?

(00:05) Forget To Breathe – Sweet Billy Pilgrim
(07:37) The Reeling (Wallpaper. Remix) – Passion Pit
(12:17) Talk To Me – Peaches
(15:20) Circles – The Pragmatic
(20:11) Coffeelocks – Gavin Castleton
(24:19) Stronger Than Jesus – A Camp
(27:21) Never Leaving Eden Again – The Water Walk
(33:19) Riga Girls – The Weepies
(35:48) Sew New World – Anois
(40:56) Rain & Soil – Uniform Motion
(48:44) Sana – Up Dharma Down

Other Links:
Aerotone (for download of Anois album.)

Photo Credit:
Death By Soymilk! by flicker user vkreees. Used by permission.


Gavin Castleton on KCRW

By now you all know that I am in awe of Gavin Castleton. I mean seriously. I was working while he was doing this set live on the legendary Morning Becomes Eclectic, but fortunately, KCRW puts these performances up on their site.

Gavin is the type of artist we don’t get to see very often. Watch and be amazed.

MikeyPod 132

More music for my dwindling audience! I’m a day late this week, but doing much better with consistency, right?

Like the show? let me know!

The tunes:

Sugarcoats & Hearbeats – Up Dharma Down
Vena Cava – 50 Foot Wave
Escape Act – The Active Set
Use Somebody (Andre Anjos Remix) – Kings of Leon
Masterswarm – Andrew Bird
Warning – Great Northern
I’m Not So Proud – Gavin Castleton
Connjur – School of Seven Bells
Seven Minutes – His Name is Alive
Three Expediences – Laurie Anderson
As You Do – Castanets


MikeyPod 129 | Musician Gavin Castleton

Gavin Castleton joins me on this episode of MikeyPod to talk about his latest full length, Home. I am so excited to share this interview with you because I am just amazed by this album, even more so after talking to Gavin about his process. Listen to the show, and then buy it and tell all of your friends. This shit needs to be heard! Many thanks, as always, to my sweet cyber-soulmate, Angela Poe, both for turning me on to Gavin’s music and for arranging the interview.


MikeyPod 128 | Kinda Like a Mixtape

Lots of music and a little talking + sniffles.

Tainted Love – My Brightest Diamond
Gobbledigook – Sigur Ros
Curb – RH+
A Sunday Smile (SON LUX remix) – Beirut
We Have A Technical – Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
On The Eighth Day – Gavin Castleton
Blood Bank – Bon Iver
Nebraska – 99 Moons
For Now – Thomas Feiner and Anywhen

music is my boyfriend
Beggars Group

“morning glory” photo by flickr user .rivera.