MikeyPod 128 | Kinda Like a Mixtape

Lots of music and a little talking + sniffles.

Tainted Love – My Brightest Diamond
Gobbledigook – Sigur Ros
Curb – RH+
A Sunday Smile (SON LUX remix) – Beirut
We Have A Technical – Gary Numan & Tubeway Army
On The Eighth Day – Gavin Castleton
Blood Bank – Bon Iver
Nebraska – 99 Moons
For Now – Thomas Feiner and Anywhen

music is my boyfriend
Beggars Group

“morning glory” photo by flickr user .rivera.

4 comments on “MikeyPod 128 | Kinda Like a Mixtape

  1. Angela says:

    oh whatever, talk about turning people on to amazing music… Thomas Feiner & Anywhen? ALL YOU and seriously it’s a tie with WHY? – Alopecia for my favourite record of last year. xo

  2. Roby Sapp says:

    Mike… I don’t get your feeds… how do I get on that list? Thanks for keepin’ on! XO Roby & Dotti (Two Women & A Poodle)

  3. epilonious says:

    I love happy fun Mikey Music.

    I always find myself wiggling happily!

  4. mikeypod says:

    @angela: THANK YOU for the sweet post about me on your blog! you rock the house! I’m giving that Alopecia album another listen as I type.

    @roby: you could subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, if you use it. Just seach the iTunes store for “mikeypod”

    @epilonious: always glad to make someone wiggle!

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