New intro and other show elements thanks to Adam Raimer at Madtown Aces Audio Productions

song: “The Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen from the album Songs to Learn and Sing

New Segment: Activism 101 with Bicyclemark

Song: “Stuck” by Jenn Vix. Buy it at her site or on iTunes

100 word Story: The Paperless Boy by Laurence Simon

New Podcast: Radio Moonbeam

Mikeypod’s Capsule Movie/Television reviews from an abandoned city.

Song: “Century Plant” by Victoria Williams from the album Loose

Thanks for listening! Contact me at mikeypod at gmail dot com or call the mikeypod show hotline at 206-339-6682

sidenote: i need to get my audio better. any suggestions? I think what I need is possibly a new soundcard? maybe a mixer? pre-amp? compressor? There is this high pitch that creeps in and I can’t figure out where it is coming from, and my voice sounds too soft, but if I turn it up, the whistle gets louder too. I welcome any suggestions.

3 thoughts on “MikeyPod 17 | After the Storm

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    Jake M

    I want to let you know that I enjoy your show and look forward to hearing what you have to say. I think its terrific that Bicyclemark is talking about Dave Dellinger. I did wonder if someone who had never heard of him before would really get it. But I know how hard it is tell the story is just a few minutes.

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    Hey Fellow-Houston-Podcaster,
    Since you asked for some sound improvements, I can tell you what I did with my podcast.

    We started with a USB mic and a laptop. It worked fine, but the sound was soft and had some background hiss.

    We upgraded to two condenser microphones (plus cables, popfilters, and stands), mixer, and external soundcard. It improved our sound and volume tremendously. If you’d like more details, just email me.

    This setup is not portable though. If you want to be able to walk around and record, the iRiver is the way to go.

    What setup are you using now?

    Keep up the good work!

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