The Songs:
(00:28) In My Dream – Issa
(07:28) Beep – Pylon
(10:49) Carousel – Paper Route
(14:15) Flaming Arrow – Jupiter One
(18:27) Two Can Play – Eulogies
(20:44) The Apple and the Tooth – Bibio
(22:58) Such A Shame – Uniform Motion
(29:19) Blood – The Middle East
(34:39) I Am Writing To You From A Far Off Country: Three (Eve Beglarian) – Maya Beiser
(37:39) Against Me – Why?
(44:19) Mushina – Shugo Tokumaru

Other Music
Angela’s Blog, Music is my BF

2 thoughts on “MikeyPod 146

    1. Michael

      Hey! Sorry so slow in responding to this! It’s been so long, it looks like I don’t have it anymore. Could you have put it up on one of the old podsafe music directories, or maybe we were friends on LiveJournal and you shared it there? So strange!

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