MikeyPod 21

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No Nonsense in November
Jane Siberry‘s When I Was a Boy
Nation Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Promo: The Crash and Baily Show

7 comments on “MikeyPod 21

  1. crash says:

    … wish i could have seen your show, but texas is just a little far. fuck the world series!!! who would miss a mikeypod show for a stupid game!?!?!


  2. crash says:

    oops, the rest of that should have said:

    i heart mikeypod!

  3. mikeypod says:

    and i heart crash!

  4. Smamy says:

    Fucking genius re: I don’t believe you.

    See you tomorrow night … what time are you going to be here/ I’m having a quick drink with some friend at 7 … maybe Katz’s after you get here!

  5. simon says:


    not to be insulting, but i can hear some alanis morrisette and even some karen carpenter influences in her singing style. wish i was there to watch your show, mike.

    now you’ve got me hooked on jane siberry!

  6. Marshal says:

    Thanks for the mention baby! You are so talented just as I guessed. That fucking beeping made me want to stab myself in the eye though….



  7. mikeypod says:

    oh yeah, I didn’t want to give it away….that was the timer on the recorder saying that it was running out of memory!

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