National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Podcast
Rabbi Kerry Baker speaking at the NCADP Conference in Austin
We Manage Stuff
Clarinetist Jolsen Oshiro of Denmark’s Ensemble Nordlys and Copenhagen Winds.
Activisim 101 with Bicyclemark

Cry 4 Help- Har Mar Superstar
Transfiguration by Takayuki Rai, Clarinet- Jolsen Oshiro

4 thoughts on “MikeyPod 22

  1. Simon

    Hiya Mikey,

    Thanks for putting your time and energy into such a difficult issue that touches very personal and ethical nerves.


    PS. Try pronouncing “Rai” like “Rye” 😉

  2. Jake

    Another fantastic show. I was really surprised by the Oshira piece — wouldn’t have guessed that was your taste in music from other things you’ve played. It was amazing.

  3. mikeypod


    were you already familiar with the composer? I often find myself watering down my tastes for the show cus I don’t wanna scare off listeners, maybe I should stop doing that. 🙂

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