Music Featured:

“Juicy Fruit”-Mtume (this is an iTunes Link)

“Giver’s Reply” and “Brother” by Ramona Cordova from the Album The Boy Who Floated Freely(another iTunes link)

Check out Ramona’s live set and interview on the Worst Music You’ve Ever Heard Podcast. Seriously that is a great podcast, one of those that I cannot bear to miss!

This episode also includes a long awaited 100 Word Story from Laurence Simon. YAY!

Other podcasts mentioned:
Chub Creek
Bicyclemark’s Audio Communique

9 thoughts on “MikeyPod 28

  1. Seth


    you are two kind with you words, but you keep the smiles and laughs going. hilarious! really appreciate shout out. we will return the favor in the coming months, once we get out of this mountain of guests that we currently
    have lined up. regardless, if you are interested a responded to your WHYME 039 comment with some info you might want to have…or not! ha!

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