Another Execution

This is where Tookie Williams will be tucked in by Gov Arnold tonight at 12:01AM. Funny how these horrifying images never quite make it onto CNN.

[image long since lost]

Thanks to bicyclemark for directing me to these pics.

2 comments on “Another Execution

  1. Lethal injection WITHIN a gas chamber?

    Something doesn’t seem right about this, Mikey. Might want to research it further.

    Although this could lead to interesting combo-executions. Hanging, and then shoot the swinging body with a firing squad. Pressed with stones while beheaded. Burned at the stake while electrocuted. Eating White Castle hamburgers while forced to cross US-59 at rush hour.

  2. CarrieJ says:

    As far as I know, this is California’s old gas chamber. Its possible when they convered from gassing their victims to lethal injection, they just kept the old chamber. Considering how rarely California executes someone, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just converted the space to keep down costs. The execution chambers have been part of the discussion in the whole hoopla over whether the prisoners at San Quentin should get a new prison.

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