MikeyPod 31 | The Black Math Experiement

This has got to be my favorite interview yet, and my first in “studio” interview. My favorite Houston band: The Black Math Experiment. Talking about their new release Fake Words and Signs from Space, their upcoming gig with Nina Hagen, and what it’s like to be an “über-pretentious, derivative, and utterly shitty pose-rock band.”

3 comments on “MikeyPod 31 | The Black Math Experiement

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    Quiz answer: From the White Stripes? JJ

  2. mikeypod says:


    so solly, someone arleady won.

  3. Zillafag says:

    Very good interview and http://www.theblackmathexperiment.com/ needs to tour with http://point22.com my fave band!
    Hey and M-Fer is my fave curse word also!

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