MikeyPod 37

A new MikeyPod project:

Portrait of Mary

Send a canvas to a Mary of any country and have her paste her
photograph. Have her send the canvas to the next Mary of any
country and have her do the same. When the canvas is filled up
with photographs of Marys, it should be sent back to the original
sender. The name does not have to be Mary. It, also, can be a fictional name, in which case the canvas will be sent to different
countries until a person with such a name will be found. The object
to paste on the canvas does not have to be a photograph. It can be a numeral figure, an insect or a finger print.

Yoko Ono
1962 spring

I am starting this piece this weekend, sending it first to Willing Warrior. From there he will decide the next recipient, and so on. All I ask is that each “Mary” e-mail me a photograph, and perhaps an audio comment or voicemail about the experience.


A shout out to my Pseudo-Valentine Wanda Wisdom.

Listener feedback! HOORAY!

Podsafe music:

Back Spasm-Seth- third son of Albert

A&E- Violent Blue (my old band)

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3 comments on “MikeyPod 37

  1. jesse says:

    thank you so much for the recommendation! i love the idea of me answering some tech questions on your program. that would be fun!

    cheers and good luck!

  2. JW Richard says:

    Thanks for sharing more of your music. More, more, please.

    Thanks for hearing me out on the email.

    Enter non-sequiter. Yes, Wyatt’s Cafeteria is no more. Tears in my sweet tea 🙁

  3. JW Richard says:

    But Orange Julius lives!

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