After quite a bit of detective work, I finally managed to track down PolyCotN, one of Houston’s infamous knittas. I knew this knitting tag crew had made its mark on Houston, but I didn’t realize that they are known throughout the world, even as far as China where they tagged the Great Wall.

So tonight I sat in on their meeting, it was pretty amazing. So much yarn, so many baskets, so much clickingclickingclicking of needles. Anyway, they agreed to let me go tagging with them sometime soon. The date is actually set, but I am not sure how much I am supposed to say, they are a rather secretive bunch. Just know that sometime soon you will feast your earbuds upon a soundseeing tour of me trailing along with PolyCotN and AKrylik as they knit the town red.

Also, I just lined up an interview with the Green Party of Texas’ Gubernatorial candidate, Jerry Larson. Time to get all political and shit. That interview should be up next wednesday at the lastest.

4 comments on “Knittas

  1. When I read “they tagged the great wall” I thought you meant they spraypainted it.

    I had a lovely choice of expletives and epithets prepared in advance before realizing it was just the careful placement of knit goods.

  2. mikeypod says:

    It’s such a crazy thing these guys too. I love it!

  3. pip says:

    As promised on the Daily Source Code commentary boxes i’ve listened to show 40 which was ok apart from the tv(?) noise on the background during the interview. You have indeed succeeded in producing a show “for the broader audience”. As a matter of fact,if i wasn’t told you were a Q-podder i wouldn’t know,well apart from the typical voice that is. 😉
    Have fun in Houston.

    pip von haussen.

  4. mikeypod says:


    seriously, thanks for taking the time to listen, I didn’t think you really would. I gues all of this has really brought us together! *sniff sniff*

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